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Hi, I'm new here

I got myself to the audiophile world approx. a year ago with Ultrasone HFI-580s. I have basically used them for gaming and music (mostly EDM, some acoustic, classical and pop). They have sufficed pretty well, but the more I use them, the more I am convinced that they're not working out for all this. Main reason is that I hate to wear them for more than an hour, they just get plain uncomfortable, especially with long gaming sessions.
I am not all that concerned about sound leaking in or out. Actually when I don't hear my own voice in a Skype call, my speaking starts to mumble easily. I mostly listen to music at home, sometimes I take headphones with me to school or a long trip, so I'll not be throwing them in a backpack. I could use the rugged 580s for that.

Im thinking of if I should buy Sony MDR-MA900 so I'd have 2 totally different cans. I found about them here:
They are the most comfortable cans I could find and great soundstage for semi-competetive gaming. It looks like they aren't that well suited for EDM, but beat 580s in every other aspect (I might be wrong). I will keep 580s for the bassy music I listen (like the ones I juggle to:
So is it worth having these 2 heaphones for different purposes?

I do not have an amp or dac and I'm not going to buy accessories unless they improve my experience/price ratio. My total budget is 150€