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Bowers and Wilkins P5

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I've heard one person say these have noise transfer when you move around in them, I forget what the term for this, where the cable rubs and it's transferred to the listener. Can anyone comment on this? I've only heard this from one person, being a "portable" hp I would find this kind off hard to believe but if it is true it would def eliminate them for me.

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I used my P5s every day on a 90min each way bus->subway->walk commute, and I don't recall ever noticing any noise from cable rubbing.  As far as I'm concerned, they're wonderful portable headphones.  I now have the P7s, and while they do sound better than the P5s, I find that they don't isolate quite so well, and of course they're more bulky.  I may go back to using the P5s for the commute.  

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Hey thanks for the great response. I, too, have been interested in the p7 but they seem like they may be slightly bigger than what I wasn't in a portable headphone...although I love the way they look and sound
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I don't hear cable noise on my P5 either. In fact, other than IEMs, I can't remember ever hearing cable noise from any headphone.

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