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For Sale:
Budgie MC Step Up Transformer for Moving Coil Cartridges - NEW

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Beautiful little unit with high end parts. Just like the unit Parks Audio is offering, but includes Vampire RCAs with Teflon dielectric, a Vampire Ground Post, higher-end CMQEE-3440AH PCB Cinemag transformers with better quality laminations, Cardas 5Ns diamond drawn silver wire, and assembled with Cardas Quadeutectic solder. So this is a very jazzed up unit with lots of upgrades. I purchased and assembled this to use with a MM unit, but it really needs to be used with a Moving Coil. Selling at nearly the cost of parts and shipping. Would love to keep but I don't have any use for at the moment. 


Use MC HI setting for medium output moving coil carts (0.2mV or higher) like the Denon DL-103, and MC LO for low output moving coil carts (less than 0.2mV). This will work well with any moving magnet RIAA preamp for a sound quality that is hard to beat using active circuits.

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