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For Sale: Collection For Sale!!

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For Sale:
Collection For Sale!!

Will Ship To: USA

I am selling three of my headphones because I have finally settled on one (for now) and because I need the money I spent on the LCD-2s back. 

Unfortunately, I only have one head and a very limited amount music listening time so I tend to always grab the most pleasurable set of cans, this case being the LCD-2s. The headphones come from a non-smokers home and spent most of their time on my HP stands. All original cables and adapters included.


Headphones For Sale:

AKG Q701 -- (~14 hours of use)( Purchased 2 months ago)These are in near mint condition(bass-port mod). They have no scratches or scuff marks. The  bass-port mod was performed. This was a relatively easy mod that involved removing the sticker from the driver ports. They were barely used simply because they didn't present the sound signature I was looking for.


Sennheiser HD-650 -- (~50 hours of use)(Purchased 2 months ago) These are also in near mint condition. They have no scratches or scuff marks. The visible roughness in the paint is from Sennheiser's quality control/ build quality. I have a thinner head than most people so the headband still has a lot of clamping force to it, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how large your head is.


Denon AH-D2000 + LA pads -- (~800+ hours of use)(Purchased 2 years ago) These were my primary go-to headphones for 2 years. The small and shiny metal connectors have slight scratches (see pictures). The left driver housing has a scuff mark primarily visible under the right light. The headband is very comfortable by now and any uncomfortable pressure is no longer there, at least for my head. I listened to these cans with the included pads for nearly all of the time I had them. I purchased Lawton Audio  angled pads for them last month because I wanted to see if that would fix my desire to buy the LCD-2s(it didn't). The pads really improved the bass response as well as the mid range presence while preserving the same sound signature. I included the old pads in the box in case you want to listen to the stock D2ks. The new pads have about 6 hours of use. The pads look slightly shiny because they were just treated with Audeze's leather conditioner.





I will only accept payment from PayPal and only through accounts that have been verified.

This is the price format:


Headphone price + shipping price + PayPal 3% fee =  Total Price


AKG Q701(Black)                 -- $125 + $20 + $5   = $150

Sennheiser HD-650              -- $320 + $20 + $10 = $350

Denon AH-D2000 + LA pads -- $350 + $20 + $10 = $380

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Pm snt
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can u put back the sticker of Q701?

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Originally Posted by sonic2911 View Post

can u put back the sticker of Q701?

I am unable to cover the port because I don't have pliers. I placed the stickers on a small sheet of aluminum foil, however, I am not 100% sure they are inside the box. I would advice to buying these with the intention of using the bass-port mod. There is still a chance the foil is in the packaging somewhere.  The headphone is already in a box ready to ship, but if it's really necessary I can open them back up.

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