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For Sale:
PRO-JECT Xpression III Turntable with Denon Cart - Superlative Condition!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is an excellent example of a PRO-JECT Xpression III Turntable. It includes a special acrylic platter and carbon fiber tonearm for damping purposes. Also included, which is a huge step up from the stock unit, is the Denon DL-160 cartridge, which has a smooth, warm yet detailed presentation. The unit has only seen about 100 hours of use since purchased brand new from an authorized Pro-ject dealer. Looks brand new aside from extremely minor wear on the dust cover. Original interconnects included. Plays 33s and 45s, and can be adapted to play 78s. 




Pickup in the Baltimore area is available. If shipped, it will be packed very carefully. Also for sale separately is the Pro-ject Speedbox, which offers an additional upgrade in sound for very few $$.




Winner of The 2012 Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award!
The Xpression III provides a feature set and musical performance not usually associated with turntables in this price range. Employing machined cone feet, a low-noise motor with precision flat-ground belt driving a new precision machined acrylic platter, the table operates in virtual silence. A carbon-fiber tonearm tube with integrated headshell is pre-mounted with a Sumiko Oyster cartridge. Additionally, the tonearm features an inverted thrust bearing with two hardened stainless steel points resting in sapphire thrust pads to maximize the Oyster’s performance. Furthermore, the tonearm provides for easy adjustment of the stylus rake angle (VTA), azimuth and overhang, greatly optimizing analog playback performance and cartridge flexibility. Detachable interconnects included.

Improvements to the latest version of the Xpression, the Xpression III, includes an acrylic platter, adjustable spike-feet, gold-plated female RCA jacks, and a high-gloss finish. Of course it still uses the tried and true implementations of its predecessors; a fantastic carbon arm, a suspended motor, and an MDF plinth remain featured in this package. Like the Debut III, the Xpression III can be outfitted for playing 78s with the purchase of an additional motor pulley (a cartridge with an available 78 stylus would also be required). The turrntable also benefits from the Speedbox MKII. You'll notice tighter and more natural bass with heightened clarity across the audio spectrum.

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