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Hi all, still quite new to all of this, after your thoughts on portable DAC/AMP's which will pair best with Senny HD650's for Trance, and im not a Bass Head as such, I love Trance for its other qualities.

Will be using on the go and with laptop, so needs either battery or usb power/charge. Up to $300 ish and could stretch a bit.

On my list so far:

* JDS Labs C5D
* iBasso D6 / D12
* ALO Island

Any i've missed ?

Haven't come across a lot of posts on this topic, seems most people are talking more desktop amps for these cans, so seeking your opinions please :-)

Did see a couple of comments RE the C5D / 650 combo not sounding the best which has turned me off a little, and seeing some love toward the ALO island, but really only seen 1 or 2 reviews so far and needing some more feedback to go off ...

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