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I work in a noisy office and wish to purchase some over-ear noise cancelling headphones to go with a Sansa Clip Zip (in ears make my ears very sore).


I originally bought some Goldring NS1000s, and thought the sound was pretty decent, but I couldn't bear the plasticky build quality, they looked incredibly cheap. So I sent them back and am looking out for something a bit better built. My budget is up to £110.


I was thinking about getting some good non-noise cancelling cans (m50s? Philips uptown?)) and hoping that the passive isolation is good enough, but I don't know how good this would be. I don't listen to music loud (often listen to rain sounds actually!) and the office isn't super loud, but the radio is always on.


I would like something without a very long cable, or at worst a coiled cable.


I was going to buy some audio-technica an7bs, but read somewhere that they were actually the same internals as the Goldrings, which put me off. In fact the goldrings also seems to be the same as the monopric, and blackbox headphones, and these also all look suspiciously like the JVC 250s AND the creative hn900. Are they ALL the same?!


Thanks a lot for any assistance or advice on what to buy.

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