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For Sale: FiiO X3 [SOLD]

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FiiO X3 [SOLD]

Will Ship To: Anywhere



FiiO X3 DAP in like new, flawless condition.

  • The back cover was recently factory replaced by FiiO (cost $20 to replace, end-to-end) because there was a minor scratch.
  • The DAP is now flawless and virtually indistinguishable from new.
  • All original accessories, manuals, documentation, box, etc. will be included.
  • Firmware is running up-to-date at version 2.1; unit has been factory reset.
  • Selling because I've replaced the X3 with the Sony NWZ-F886, but am not in a massive hurry to sell.
  • Pictures are of the actual unit, retouched only for dust particles.


Price is inclusive of shipping (will ship registered with tracking to anywhere), but buyer pays PayPal fees.


Serious buyers only. Lowball offers will be ignored. Subsequent offers from lowballers will continue to be ignored regardless of offer.

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Considering trades?
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I'm pretty tired of people offering two pairs of Koss PortaPros, an Apple EarPod, a SoundMagic E10, and their sister's Estee Lauder mascara pen as some kind of package deal, so no trades.

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Haha even though I had something more substantial to offer, I can understand that.
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You're welcome to PM me, but I'm glad you get what I mean.

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Pm Comin, hopefully it's better than earpods tongue.gif
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