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Hello all, 


I am still a headphone noob, to be sure, but I decided to stop at the mall after work today to get a new pair of shoes.


Just for the heck of it, I decided to stop in a the local FYE and look at the vinyl. Well, I wandered over to the headphone section, and there were quite a few HP's on sale.


Hanging from a peg was a lone pair of Sennheiser HD 419 on sale for $40. They also had a pairs of HD 202s on sale for $20.


Not necessarily "insane" deals, but they were good enough to jump on IMO. Needless to say, I didn't get a new pair of shoes. Instead, I walked out of there with two new pairs of headphones for a grand total of $63.58 after tax. :D


I got them home, and opened them up. Early impressions on build quality: The HD 202 seem to have a much more robust build than the 419. In fact, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed in the build quality of the 419. Ultra thin cable, that I will have to be extremely careful with, for fear of damaging it, and seemingly cheap plastic when compared to my HD 598.


Comfort wise, I cannot comment on too much as of yet, as I haven't worn either pair very long (about 30 mins total between the two). The 202 are VERY tight on my head, and feel like they are giving me a headache after only a short bit. The clamping force could be used as a torture device!!!  :confused_face: I am hoping they will loosen up a bit with extended use.


The 419, on the other hand, seems quite comfy. Not quite the comfort lever I am used to with the 598, but not bad at all IMO. At least for brief moments at a time. The ear cups aren't as big as the ones on the 598, so my ears cannot fit completely inside them, but I am hoping this will not be an issue due to the really soft pads they ship with.


Listening impressions are literally from only a few minutes with each one so far. When I got them here, I hooked both of them up to my Emotiva DC-1's headphone amp jacks (it has two) and played pink noise for 4 hours strait, before playing any actual music.


Right now I am getting some early listening impressions.


Both of them seem to have a rather warm (not bright at all) sound IMO. This is a plus for me. The downside is that they do not seem to have the resolution I am used to hearing on my 598. Both of them also seem to have slightly recessed upper mids IMO. With quick A/B testing, using the same tracks, I seem to favor the sound of the (lower cost) 202 oddly enough. It seems a bit more "even keeled" to my ears, and also has puncher bass that seems to reach a bit deeper than the 419.


I don't know how long burn in should take for these two phones, but as they have only had a signal going through them for a bit over 4 hrs now, I am guessing that both have at least some more burning in to do before they will take on their "final sound signatures".


If you made it this far, thanks for reading. More to come...  :)

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