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Need some advice for an alternitive to beats

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Hi guys!


I know this community is pretty intelligent when it comes to audio gear, so I thought I should ask you guys your opinion.


I recently won a pair of Beats Solo HD headphones from a contest, but from what I understand, Beats are not exactly "good sounding" headphones. I completely understand this.


Now I know I will be disappointed when I receive these because I will be comparing them to my current headphones, my sexy Senneiser Amperiors, which I got this year after a bunch of research and finding a good deal. I love these headphones!


So I am thinking of selling the solos for maybe 160 canadian (seems like a good price) and looking for a 150-200$ replacement. This will mostly be for my heavy commute to school, which I would rather not bring my baby Amperior! (I love listening to this thing but I am pretty worried it could get stolen/ lack of case to put them in at the moment)


Do you have any suggestion? I have looked at momentums but they seem to be a bit pricy and I would rather not spend any more than I would sell the solos for.


In the end, the Beats are free, but I know I can get a sub 100$ headphone which is much better and I could be ahead (if I sold it)



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I should elaborate. I most likely will not use an amp, it is for travel, I listen to many things but I like EDM quite a lot.

Over ear or on ear both are nice imo

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v-moda m80 for sure. they're literaly built like a tank, and they have a sub bass boost thats edm friendly and doesn't bleed into the mids.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I was actually looking at those exact ones before but I was not sure on what other options to look for.

I heard the old beats solos were pretty poor in sound quality. Do you know if the new Solo HD were different? This review seems to think it has.


What do you think?

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Its true that beats has been improving their headphones lately. I think some of their headphones have improved enough to be decent for the price, though I'm not sure if the solos are one of them.( emphasis on decent, meaning, not that great, but good enough for the price)

The vmodas are amazing though, they can play tons of genres right and have the bass boosted on the best region (sub bass).

If you're into brand names, I heard the monster DNA and DNA pros are quite good. I haven't heard them yet though.
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I am not really into a brand.

I think I will look into the vmodas though. they seem like a very good pair for what I am looking for.

Are there any other good options other than the monsters and the vmodas out there?

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