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Silicone canals only vs full shell iem (westone and custome iem owners help)

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"long time lurker...first time poster"



Hey guys Im looking for help in finding other makers of custom silicone canals (from audiologist molds) for EITHER earbuds you already have OR canals for their earphones. I have earplugsuperstore and westone so far.  Westone has the idea of what im looking for with 150$ molds to their 300$ buds. But that’s not exactly ideal financially for me.  A better situation would be to put their molds on the meelec m6. Not sure if they would do that?


I’m trying to come up with the best workout earphones with the following features:


Over ear fit (cord rests behind ear wit cord hanging along back instead of stomach)

No mic



Secondary questions:

  1. 1      I have tried the trax x1 and meelec m6 because they had memory wire. But the memory wire really sucked compared to memory wire on a custom iem. So my question is the behind the ear stability of westone (no memory wire) as reliable as the memory wire on a custom iem
  2. 2.      Weston offers vinyl vs silicone canals. Whats the difference? 

fyi: tanga has the m6 right now for 12$ shipped. expires soon. these are awesome for working out. only problem is even with tree tips extra sweaty session will cause a earbud to fallout...........hence the quest 4 some silicaon canals

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bump......i know there are some proud westone owners here that can help

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Silicone molds are softer as compared to vinyl.


I got my silicone custom mold from 1964 EARS simply because it was extremely hard to deal with Westone directly from Australia. In terms of price, there's almost no difference between manufacturers. they are all in the realm of $150 ish.

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Thanks but it doesnt look like they offer a canal only version. They offer soft canals on full shells. I dont want to get a full shell. Here is a little background info:


My only purpose for custom iem is gym use. I am not a audiophile but the tight seal and insulation from a custom iem makes anything sound great. 


I had full silicone shells a way long time ago from alien ears. They were single drivers and i was never let down by their sound. I sweated them out and since they were full silicone with a non removable cord they were labeled finished. I wish i would have know from the start about dessicants. it feels like ruining a bmw because u never knew the oil had to be changed.


Alien ears was cool enough to give me a nice discount on my next buy and wait like 4 months while i saved up. They even combined my deal with their xmas sales. So i got another full shell but this time double drivers with soft tip. They feel and sound great. Problem is most custom iem brands arent making sweatproof monitors and i dont wanna ruin these. Another problem is i realized this after buying the second pair.


So i figured that getting some basic sweatproof buds with custom canals would be a better idea than getting a dessicant box and vacuum. The box and vacuum is about 117 bucks shipped from westone and an extra chore. Where as another set of canals are hopefully under 150 and i have 2 pairs of custom fit buds and no chores or device to maintain. The alien ears would be for sweat free listening and the canal onlys would be for exercising. If i have to spend 120-150 id like to have some custom earphones rather than a box and a vacuum

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Etymotic will make custom tips for their IEMs. I had them made for my ER4P.
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saw them as well. i dont thik they are sweatproof. curious tho. do u wear them straight down or loop the wire over the ear

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Seems you're right, 1964 no longer makes the custom tips. My bad

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I called westone and earplugsuperstore. Both said they can do a custom tip for the meelec m6. I told the lady at westone that these are only for working out and she recommended vinyl over silicone because over time the silicone tips begin to easily separate themselves from the speaker nozzle.  Earplugsuperstore only option is silicone.


Vinyl form westone is 130 and silicone is 150. Silicone from earplugsuperstore is 132.


advice in choosing? any other companies?

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bump, still lookin 4 more input

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is it safe to assume westone/earplugsuperstore are the only 2 companies doing canal only custom tips?

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