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Brainwavz - S1/R3 - Rated Input Power

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I was looking at Brainwavz S1 and R3 specs on their official website: http://www.yourbrainwavz.com/index.php and I realized that their declared Max Input Power is only 2mW and their sensitivity is also pretty low (around 93/95 dB at 1mW).


Most headphones I've came across have declared Max Input Power above 20mW, which is, as far as I understand, pretty logical since even a small iPod Shuffle is supposed to be able to deliver much more than 2mW into a 16/32 Ohms load.


I wonder whether this (2mW) value is not correct, or if this IEMs are that fragile (electrically).


I've sent an e-mail to contact@yourbrainwavz.com asking if the Max Input Power declared on their website is correct or not, but I haven't received any answer yet.


This is a list of other IEMs Max Input Power:

VSonic GR99:            30mW
VSonic GR07:            50mW
Yamaha EPH-50:       50mW
Shure SE535:            50mW
Hifiman RE400:         30mW


Maybe I'm missing something... What do you think?

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No answer from Brainwavz!


Last Bump!

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I agree that it's pretty unusual and weird. Seems more like a typo than something realistic. It doesn't seem like the drivers are all that unusual and exotic. Well, having two of them in the R3 might mean the power handling is higher, not lower...?


Also, for what it's worth, InnerFidelity measured more like 101.5 dB SPL / 1 mW for the R3.

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Don't worry so much about numbers. All the reviews samples seem to be fine and most of the reviews say they are durable. They have been burnt in on different rigs and amped. Not one review has even mentioned it error or not. Believe the reviews on here, Google for other sites like techpowerup etc. that had them, and Amazon. On Amazon, even if some reviews are planted, there will be some good ones and reports of them breaking would surface.


Real world stuff trumps the numbers. What about the earphones that are known to crap on occasion out even if they have fine power handling numbers? 


Plenty of other $20 - $50 entries if your worried about them. Just grab a legit Piston V2 or Fidue A63  or quite a few other models that they ship most anywhere. Even MP4nation sells some nice models outside of the Brainwavz line.

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As a last try to find out the real max input power of this IEMs, I've filled the MP4Nation's contact form http://www.mp4nation.net/contacts and asked them about this topic. I've received an answer pretty soon!


Quote: MP4Nation



The spec is incorrect, the rated input is 60mW



With best regards,
General Support

+1 for MP4Nation
It's nice to know that MP4Nation's "Contact Us" is real. Keep it that way MP4Nation!

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