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Honestly $400 a pair is a lot..I got my 2 pairs of black plates for 225 and 250.  I don't even notice a difference between grey and black.  The internal structure looks different to me but I can't remember which ones are which anymore.  I match them up by how they look inside and balance them per channel by ear (since I don't have a tester).  Up to you to determine if the difference is worth it though, personally I will stick with whatever dual plates I happen to have on hand.

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I'll just be happy with my gray plates then at $50 a tube.
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Any recommendations for good speakers to pair with the 2A3x4? It seems like most of the small monitors that I am interested on like the KEF LS50 are very inefficient and require quite a bit more power. At the end, I might just end up using it as pre-amp.

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The only thing I've found pre-made is the Klipsch line. I don't know what they make that small. I hope to get some La Scala's, which are like 105db/w. Not that I've ever heard any....

There's some full range speakers that are around 96db/w but then you have to make the cabinet. Prolly what I'll try till I save up some cash. You can make a set for $500 assuming you don't have to buy a table saw.

I'd love to hear any and all suggestions.
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I haven't heard them, but this is what I will be getting for mine....




Not sure which model yet.


Just do a search for SET amps and Full Range Speakers.  There are quite a few options available.

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There are also Zu Audio, Audio Note, Reference 3A, Coincident, Tannoy horn, JBL, Kochel and others.

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Thanks guys. The omega super alnico looks very nice.
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Anybody else have gotten theirs? I am looking forward to more impressions!

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mine has just been shipped yesterday. 

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Cool! I am looking forward to your impressions!

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Originally Posted by chengka7 View Post

mine has just been shipped yesterday. 

Congrats, chengka!  You'll love every second with it.

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just wondering how does it work with those sensitive headphones like denon and fostex

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received my 2a3mkiv today and love it so much, but cannot compare to BA since my lampizator 7 is back for repairing. I only have a Schiit Modi at the moment, but I have to say the sound is pretty impressive, especially with my HD800
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Mine is ready to ship. I have a bunch of tubes ready to try in it. Rca grey and black plates. Eml solids amperex 5842 we417a
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Any thoughts on Devore orangutan speakers for this amp? Speakers seem pretty awesome full range and pretty efficient. Just don't know if speakers efficient enough for flea watt amps like the EC 2a3 mkiv
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