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Thanks guys. I put my down payment!

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Congrats!  This next run should be quite a bit quicker than the last one.  Have you thought about which tubes you are going to get?  Depending on the rest of our setup the Sovtek or EH 2A3s could be quite good.  So far I am quite partial to the RCA dual plates.  You should be able to find a quad for $500 or so.

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Thanks! I will stick to the stock ones for a while, but I might try the TJ/Sophia mesh.
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Except there are no stock ones...2A3's at least. I got a set of RCA grey plates. Too bad mono plates are almost as much as the amp, I really want to try those.

I'm getting one out of the next batch as well. Sounds like in April sometime.
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has Craig mentioned the waiting time for 2A3MK4, last time I asked him he said it should be more than 6 weeks?

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I have also ordered one for myself today. I am just wondering what 2A3 tubes are you guys using. EML might be too expensive for me, the quad set costs like 1200usd. 

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I'm using EML solid, GalaxyGuy = EML Mesh, Stapsy = RCA grey and black plate mix.
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I think I might try sophia mesh or Shuguang Treasure

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Can someone post some pic of the rear part of 2A3MK4? 

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And pic of the power supply too, thanks.

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To be honest I don't know if I would mess with the chinese tubes.  The Sophia Mesh might work as a quad but the Shuguangs are apparently quite warm/tubey in the mk4, which seems kind of pointless to me based on the mk4's strength.


Also, I am now using a quad of black plates, but I honestly can't tell the difference between the black and grey plates :tongue_smile:

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Thanks for the info, I am just wondering does mk4 has balanced input? I assumed they do not have but I forgot to ask Craig when I ordered them.
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Nope no balanced input.  There are three selectable RCA inputs and a pair of speaker taps.

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No balanced inputs, but it does have balanced out on the front, in addition to a SE output.  Craig told me that if you use the balanced output, you get a true balanced signal out, but that if you use the SE, you are getting SE out.  He also said that if you are running both outputs at the same time, the balanced out will become SE.  If you understand how that works, I'd love to hear an explanation.  Something about a floating ground that I'm just not quite up to speed on, I think.  At any rate, that's what he told me when I picked up my amp.  Maybe it's useful to you. :confused_face_2:

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Kind of happy as just got a set of 4 RCA Gray Plates for $200.  Worth going to black plates for $200 each?

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