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Need help deciding on a turntable

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Hey everyone,

Its time to enter the Vinyl scene! I have been wanting to get a turntable for the past year and I am pretty excited to finally make a purchase. I rather make an educated purchase and spend a bit more for something that I will be satisfied with instead of wanting to upgrade a year down the line (even though this urge is inevitable with anything to do with audio). I started off looking at the Rega RP1 & RP3 but after a bit of research, I realized that this is not the table that I want in the long run. Someone turned me on to VPI turntables and I have been looking for either a Traveler or Scout but also willing to try a different brand if its worth it.


My budget is right around $1200 at the moment (I can get a brand new Traveler but without a cartridge so over my budget).


I called a few local dealers to see what they had to offer. First dealer slammed me and said DO NOT get a Scout they are horrible sounding tables. He was genuinely passionate about how he disliked the table. This was a surprise to me because I have heard nothing but praise for the table. We chatted for a bit and he did recommend the Sota Comet for my needs.

Second local dealer spent the most time on the phone with me, asked what kind of audio setup I have and gave me a few options to work with.
-Blue VPI Traveler (MK1) - $900 or $1025 with Grado Gold Cartridge. This is a Demo unit they said it probably only played 2 LPs.
-Marantz TT15S1 with Clear Audio wood Cartridge - $1195
-Music hall MMF-5.1 - $875


There are a few used tables locally
-used VPI Scout - $1150 local pickup
-used VPI Scout w/ new belt, dust cover & VPI arm cable ($200) - $1200 

I think the Demo Traveler with the Grado cartridge might hit my sweet spot only thing that im not too keen about is the color (blue). I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations in regards to tables.


Thanks :)

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If you're not proficient in setup, I'd suggest a RP3. I know you don't want one, but it's as close as PnP as it gets. OTOH, if you do know what you're doing, a used Scout is almost a given. Good luck.
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