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Headset <$50

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Hi, there.


I'm looking for the best possible computer headset I can get for <$50. If it's within twenty percent quality of a higher priced item, I'd even prefer one priced at <$30.


Anyway, I'm currently using a Sennheiser HD201S, whose plug I had to replace, but I would like a headset with a microphone to use with Skype and Mumble.


I found this used, and it has great, great marketing behind it.


However, I'm not sure that there's any quality behind the brand. The wonks at Head-Fi have served me well in the past, and I'd like to pester y'all again.


Does anyone have some suggestions for a durable, cheap headset for use with Skype and Mumble?

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Get the Sleek Audio SA1 for $40 on Amazon with a VoIP Mic adapter.  This maybe good too.

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