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I have bought several products from Brad at Revelation audio .
He has been in business well over 15 years,In the past Brad had a Big problem filling orders by producing a great product he became a victim of his attention to detail and not trust anyone to do make things to his standards. Since 2008 especially recently Brad now had well trained assistance when needed
.his Digital cable and all that goes into it is Exceptional .far ahead of the well reviewed a Wireworld a Platinum
Or AQ - Diamond ,for I own the Platinum, and friend had the Diamond . They just donot produce the detail snd realism the a Prophesy cable does , and for the same moneys ,having a totally different approach.
And the crap about Silver being bright is BS. It depends on , the purity, how big the gauge, and
Quality 5-9s being now 4-5 x the expense of 4-9s Pure silver smelted in the U.S .China where their standards stink and loaded with impurities. Copper has Nothing on these Silver cables .i have Over $5k in M.i.T system
Cables which are very respectable ,and Brads cables are exceptional and far less monies then the Big markup
Commercially made cablesand better, Also for the record what company offers you a 30 day money back guarantee ?
Brad is a good Christian man ,not a rip off. Why don't all you guys who bad mouthed Revelation
That now have the cables and are greatly enjoying them At least have the Guts and be a man or women and
Let people know yes it was a lengthy process but I either got my monies back or got the cables.
Now his business practice is much much more efficient . I just ordered an additional digital cable
And within a calendar week I had it. On these forums it is so easy to berate someone .
And ruin how he supports his family. Before making final judge and jury know the facts and try to
Forgive there is so much anger and hate to condemn is easy,forgive ness takes a much bigger person.
Enjoy your music Audiophille friends.