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Looking for the Hifiman RE-400 sound in a portable headphone

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Hey guys, I need recommendations for a portable headphone

I'm just thrilled with the sound of my HiFiMan RE-400s. I love how musical they are.
Now I'm wondering if I can get a set of portable headphones (not IEMs) that have a similar
sound signature? Over ears/Around ears/Open/closed it doesn't matter. I listen to a variety
of genres: pop, jazz, classical, rock.

For reference purposes, I have a pair of Grado SR80i. I enjoy the sound and don't seem to
notice the harsh uppers that some have mentioned. These might be just a touch light on bass. Also I don't
consider these portable with that huge cord.

I also have a pair of Ety HF-2s and find the sound too cold and analytical and lacking in bass.

I also have an ATH-CKX9i that is really too bassy for me.

Are there portable headphones with the RE-400 sound? Thanks in advance.
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What's your budget?

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I was thinking in the $300 range.
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Haven't heard them yet myself, but these cans will be worth checking out:




For less money, the discontinued, versatile, less expensive and now heavily discounted UE 6000 is also very good.


See: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/surprisingly-good-logitec-ue6000-and-ue9000

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Thanks for the link.
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You might also want to look into the Martin Logan Mikros 90. I was looking for the same thing (a portable, non-IEM version of the Hifiman Re-400 I own) and I recently bought the Martin Logans. They're about as close as I could find, and they've been fluctuating between about $90-$100. I actually find them to be a decent upgrade from the Re-400's, as they're slightly more detailed and they have such a natural sound.

Make sure you keep us updated on your search :) I'd love to hear if you find more phones similar to the Re-400's

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Just to update this thread. I was able to try the UE 6000 and the Martin Logans Mikros 90.

UE 6000. This a warmer phone than the RE 400s. It's got a relaxed, laid back sound. The pads are comfortable and the clamping force is not noticeable but perhaps a little loose for vigorous activity. The hiss from the sound canceling disappeared after replacing the batteries. I could notice some bass resonances from the closed design. Isolation is really good. I got this for $79 on sale from Tiger Direct. This is a keeper.

Mikros 90. This is a bright sounding phone to me. Some of the most exquisite highs I've heard. This really does classical music well. It has very prominent vocals and great separation. Unfortunately, I couldn't get enough bass. I read through the Mikros thread about ear pad positioning but I just couldn't get to work for me. Even the Grado SR80i has a touch more bass than the Mikros. If it only had the bass this would be perfect because of the incredible highs. As much as I wanted to like these, they're going back. Hopefully Martin Logan will come back with another iteration.

The search continues but enjoying the music along the way.
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I would suggest trying out the PSB M4U 2:s. They should have a similar sound character as the RE-400:s (neutral but not analytic). Very musical sounding headphones, with a great soundstage for closed phones. I've yet to hear another pair of headphones that sound as good as them, just running straight from a music source (i.e. stereo, phone, computer or MP3-player). They work in passive mode and have two active modes, one where the built in amp acts as just that: a headphone amplifier, as well as active noice canceling. They should be within or close to your budget.

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Thanks. I'm currently trying out some Momentums. I hadn't thought of the PSBs, thanks for the recommendation.
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No problem! I am just so in love with those headphones, that I can't stop talking about them. They are on the larger side though (albeit foldable), so I don't know if they are portable enough for your intended use. I take them with me pretty much everywhere, but they do take up quite some space in your typical backpack or shoulder bag.

Just thought you'd want to take that into consideration.

Are you trying out the on ear or over ear Momentums?
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Really glad you like the PSBs. I'll have to audition them sometime. I'm trying the over ears. The on ears wasn't quite as good as the over ears. So far I'm liking them. Pretty comfortable. My ears fit inside the cups. I can see why sennheiser is described as having a laid back sound. On the guitar riffs of Hotel California , the grado sr80 is more immersive. I could be in the band. With the senns, I'm in the audience. But the momentums have a really smooth sound, so I could see why people like them for ling listening sessions.
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