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OS X Mavericks DAC Incompatibility

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Greetings everyone,


I recently switched from a windows based PC to a Mac running Mavericks (OSx 10.9). From the beginning, I noticed some very obvious clicking and static during music playback.


My set up is, and always has been, Computer > ODAC > O2 > headphones.


Music playback was accomplished using several music players, namely iTunes, Audirvana plus, Swinsian and VLC. The same clicking and static was heard with all the players except for Audirvana plus. I'm curious as to know why playback with Audirvana was sparred the clicking that was very discernible with the other 3 players.


I have toggled the ODAC settings in Audio MIDI by changing the output format to 96kHz but that did not eliminate (though it may have partially reduced) the clicking.


To rule out any issues with my amplifier, DAC or headphones, I first used the same set up with my windows computer. Unsurprisingly, there was no clicking or static heard during playback. Connecting my headphones directly with the audio jack of the Mac also completely eliminated all clicking and popping. This lead me to believe that the problem lied with Maverick's incompatibility with the DAC.


A quick google search will reveal that this issue is not confined to the ODAC but extends to other DACs as well. Wyred4sound issued a statement on their webpage which highlights Maverick's incompatibility with one of their DACs.


Does anyone here know a way around this? 

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Any luck?


I have recently contemplated upgrading my iMac (Snow Leopard) to Mavericks. However, I keep reading stories about DAC incompatibilities. I guess I will just stay with SL until the bugs are ironed out.

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There were problems with the W4S DAC-2 and Mavericks for awhile--W4S released a new driver that solved things, however.  

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Thanks for the info, Mike. :smile:


I wonder what's the easiest way to determine if PS Audio has released a Mavericks driver for the D-Link3?

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