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AKG 845bt or Bose 2

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Hello everybody, I am about to buy a new set of Headphone as I am always listening to music (almost 8hours a day) and need a good pair as I have started to use a MIDI controller and Garageband to learn composing. Here is my option:

a used Bose 2 which works well but the leather is not clean: 50 euro

a new AKG 845bt: 100 euro


As I compare these two while listening to a music I see that the Bose one has a better bass, and is more comfortable, also I can not use the bluetooth for using the midi controller and garageband while playing live so I have to use the cable for AKG. Yet as this is my first time in buying headphone I am not sure that these two features are actually important. To me the clearance and real quality of the music for composing and understanding a song is more important. 

I will appreciate if you help me about that. 



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That is a hell of a price for the 845, I would jump all over them. The sound plus BT functionality will easily trump a used pair of Bose.
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Thank you dweaver,

Well first I should revise the details:


Bose Quietcomfort 2:
used but the same sound quality with the new ones as I brought them to one of Bose stores, and also with new leather. 
75 euro

AKG 845bt:

90 euro


superiority of Bose:

- the sound has more bass (well for enjoying the music it will be an advantage but in general for composing and monitoring I don't know)

- more comfortable and light

- more beautiful

- the wire is longer while using the midi controller as it is not possible to use BT. 

- not that different from Bose Quietcomfort 15, and I guess as it is in the same price as AKG (300euro) definitely for AKG some amount of the price is for the Bluetooth and not the sound quality


superiority of AKG:

- it has Bluetooth so no need to be worried about the wires

- it is new (although the owner of Bose is my friend and is reliable) 

- less bass sound and beats but probably more natural(?)


The most important fact for me is the sound quality and I guess I am not able to distinguish between them as I am not professional in sound engineering and etc. So far as a beginner the Bose one brings more excitement by its stronger bass (my friends also confirm) but I would like a confirmation from specialists. 

Thank you so much. 

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I own the K545 and also own a pair of Bose QC20 which is Bose latest noise cancelling earphone. While the QC20 is stunning in regards to its noise cancelling and is also the most comfortable earphone I have ever owned its sound quality while OK is weak in comparison to most audiophile quality headphones. It simply does not have the same level of resolution and detail.

The model your looking at does not have noise cancelling but still suffers the lack of detail that is typical of Bose. The Bose sound signature is generally one that is bassy in nature with very limited sub bass, a strong mid bass presence, solid midrange, and gentle rolled off treble. The overall sound is safe and pleasing to the ear but never fully reveals everything in most recordings.

The K845 will lose detail when using the BT functionality but when connected by cable should sound pretty much like the K545 from what other members have said. If the cable is not long enough either a cheap extension or a cheap after market cable should fix that problem.

In regards to sound. The K845/545 is one of the bassiest AKG offering available so it might very well surprise you in this regard. It has very deep and powerfully sub bass full but linear mid bass as compared to the Bose which has a mid bass hump, the typical wonderful AKG midrange, and somewhat gentler than AKG usual treble.

From a sound perspective the K845 is easily the better resolving a beautiful sounding headphone. For me it also as comfortable and the Bose over ear. But comfort is not then same for everyone, so you should try on a pair I possible. Personally I think they both look good.

Anyway that is my take. You buy what works for you and happy listening.
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Thank you so much! I got whatever I should know. So, I guess I will take the AKG one. :)

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But the last question, don't you think that if I use an extension for the cable then the quality will decrease?

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It would have to be a very poor quality cable to be significantly reduced. But you also can just get a 3rd party cable and skip the extension. Here is 1 after market cable, I am sure there will be others.
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Just be carefully the cable will fit in the hole before the jack connector. The cable I listed looks like it's narrow enough to fit.
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