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Pocket-sized, on-ear closed-back headphones, with good bass and smooth sound

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I have used the Koss PortaPro, and it's variants, for more than 30 years. But, as small as it is, it doesn't fold flat for shirt-pocket carrying. And it's open-back, so there's no sound isolation.


I'm looking for a closed-back alternative, with bass response at least as good as the PortaPro, with smooth mids and highs, that will be even more compact in my pocket than the PortaPro. I am not a huge IEM fan, even though I own several of them. And I want better bass extension than the PX200.


My Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate Android smartphone actually has more "oomph" at the headphone jack than my original Nexus 7 tablet. It can drive, for instance, the JVC HA-S500 to much higher levels than can the Nexus 7. And the Galaxy Exhilarate is what I'll mostly use the headphones with. I have several portable headphone amps, but mostly don't carry one with me.



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Really? Nobody after two days?
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How much? I can only recommend cans over $80.
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No more than 150 for a portable. I have and love the m80, but don't consider it portable.I prefer mildly boosted bass below 100hz, and a smooth, slightly polite high-end. I listen to rock, pop, country, bluegrass, big band and standards, some classical, and orchestral pop. I host a syndicated 70s show, so mids must be smooth. My voice must sound like me. Thanks for your response!
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You don't consider them portable?! Id consider iems, since you won't get much smaller than the M80. The RHA MA750i, Brainwavz B2, and the new GR07 classic color should be considered.

The Martin Logan Mikros 90 sounds better than $500 cans. Closed that is.
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Read my original post! I am looking for POCKET-SIZED headphones. I am not looking for something m80 sized, which excludes the Mikros 90. I have lots of headphones. I am not expecting better than $500 sound. I appreciate your priorities, but I told you mine. A px200 is obviously more like what I described. I ordered a pair of Audio Technixca ATH-es33bk from NEwEgg. Thank you for your time!
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If you are looking for something that doesn't have a headband (clip on), you'll get crappy fidelity without good bass or a smooth sound XD  If you do want a headband, maybe the Meze 66 Classic may be something to look into.  It collapses to a more pocket friendly size (depending on the size of your pockets) and the headband folds in as well to collapse it just a tad bit further. 

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Iems are pocket sized.
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I'll investigate, Tinyman. THANK YOU!


I know that IEMs are portable. There's an IEM in my phone case at all times, so I've always got something with me to listen to. But IEMs create a sense of perssure against my eardrums that is quite uncomfortable. And I know how to insert them properly!


I have very strong opinions about headphones. Because, having worked in radio for forty years, I've spent many hours daily wearing them. It takes me mere seconds to know if a set of headphones have a tonal balance I can live with. But there don't seem to be as many legitimately pocket-sized options now as a couple of decades ago. I'm talking about a headphone (not an IEM) that will fold flat to carry in my shirt-pocket, but with a closed-back to give some isolation. 


I agree about clip-on headphones. I've owned several KSC-75s and earlier KSC-35s. I simply cannot get a firm fit with them. It's frustrating, because I can get them very close to sounding right, but not quite there. Hence my long-term relationship with the PortaPro, and even it's predecessor in the very early 80s, the KSP (Koss Sound Partner).

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Thank you!
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