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As there are not too much feedback on RPX-308. I wanted to give my subjective opinion on it with my limited experience on headphones area.


 A bit of background

My passed amp were in the order:

-Xonar STX (I know it’s not an amp, but that’s what I connected to my headphones)


-Burson Soloist that I quickly throw back to the shipping box as it’s really crap: lack of aeration, poor 3d soundstage: my Xonar is better…


-Mcintosh D100 (also used as dac + headphone amp): good as DAC but not really a good headphone amp.


RPX-308: I received it today, plugged it to the DAC, Power and start the listening…


My Current setup is:

-Synology 15TB NAS -> Foobar2000 / Wasapi -> USB -> Benchmark DAC2 -> Wireworld RCA eclipse 6 – RPX308 -> Grado PS1000.


Not mentioning all the Wireworld power cables, and power strip.  I had several headphones: LCD-X, Beyer T1, Fostex TH900, all are very good cans, but for my taste PS1000 is just better. If I had to put a ranking : T1 would be 2nd, then TH900 and finally LCD-X was a bit of disappointment due to the lack of high frequencies being “cut”, I can understand some people like it; but not my taste.


Now coming back to the thread, I was looking for a solid state amp as I’m listening quite a lot music through headphones (around 6-10 hours per day).


After days of reviewing feed-back from internet, I ended with GS-X MKII and the Audio—gd Master 9 that seemed to be perfect for my use, problem is I leave In Europe and with the taxes, support I wanted something more local, so I’ve heard very good things about Rudistor from my local re-seller that is specialized in headphones, and read a lots of controversy discussion about it in this form, still, I decided to purchase the 030.


I ordered the 030 anniversary, but as its being delayed, the reseller nicely sent me a brand new RPX-308 waiting to be able to ship the 030.


I’ve tried several configuration, and was using the benchmark DAC2 as DAC + headphone amp for some months. The result was good: lots of details, bass where well controlled, mids good, but a bit aggressive on the high frequencies, and also more detailed / analytics vs musical (that’s subjective…), not saying it’s not musical, but I wanted something warmer.


The RPX-308 is surprising as it still gives lots of details, very precise, so it can leverage the power of details that the Benchmark is giving, but put on top a “roundness” so the result is the high frequencies that where too aggressive have now disappeared: I can listen without having to change the volume or moved to the next track.


What I really like are the men / women voices (listening to Sarah Brightman - Eden) is really enhanced vs the Benchmark, it’s really more analog vs digital sound and makes a significant step (OK, don’t ask me to give measured details on that, only my ears are being used to monitor the differences, and I agree that’s subjective, but guess what, I trust only my ears…)


Listening Ennio Moriconne Mission flac is also less fatiguing to ear: the benchmark is very precise and “dry” which again is hard to listen for hours.  Don’t get me wrong the Benckmark is really a great DAC, and a very good headphones amp, but the 308 makes the final step to the musicality level and still gives lots of details, aeration and 3D.


I’d say that I’m very happy with it, it’s been on my desk since less than a day so I suspect the sound will change again after running it some days.

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