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senn hd600 + icon hdp - problem - too quiet or hardware problem

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Hi there,                                    


I've just bought my dream gear (senn hd600 + icon hdp).
But as I'm a total newbie here I'm not sure if I have some hardware problem with my HDP or not.
Maybe you can clarify this for me.


Sound is really great and clarity is amazing but it's too quiet for me. I had an impression after
reading some reviews that moving the volume knob to 12 or 1 o'clock (hdp in vertical position)
is enough for most people. But for me it sounds loud enough (and not too loud) at 3 o'clock and it's not
extremly loud when i turn the knob to the maximum.                  
It sounds only a small bit louder when connecting hd600 directly to my laptop.


I tried other noname/low-impedance headphones and result is the same.


I tried it on different operating system (Win XP),  as my default OS is Debian/Linux, and result is the same - too quiet.
I also don't see much difference in sound quality when connecting hd600 directly to my laptop
but this might be my not accustomed to better quality ear:)


I don't have hearing problems and also I connect it to my laptop using USB.


Any help appreciated, especially from people with the same gear.




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I'm guessing you are connecting the Icon HDP through USB (and not analog/RCA)?

I have to say that the HDP definitely does NOT have a powerful amp section so I'm pretty sure the HD600s might sound a bit underwhelming but quite frankly I don't remember at what position on the volume knob I used it, I did have to increase pass 12 definitely. That said, lower impedance headphones SHOULD sound louder. I know I used my Denon D5000s using the HDP headphone out and was quite alright with it. I might have to test at home and see if I had to change a setting from within Windows (I doubt it though).


Personally I only used the HDP with the HD600s for 1 or 2 months and bought an amp (Lehman Black Cube Linear). So I use the HDP as DAC and output via RCA to my amp.


Maybe more people can weigh in in the meantime, but I'll check if there are any settings I needed to change or not.




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Thanks Gelocks. I think I have just resolved my mystery...

I found a slider in my system (Linux) called "Nuforce Icon HDP Analog Stereo" and it was set to 50%...

Now my HDP has much, much more power :)...Though I don't understand what this slider is doing there and why it's not possible

to volume it up using only the volume knob... probably my configuration issue.

Once again thank you for your help.

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There we go!! lol ;)


Glad you found that, I thought it was definitely config related.



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