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Hello fellow Music Lovers,

So I'm pretty new to listening and caring about high fidelity music. It all started back about two years ago when my father bought a Project turn table. I loved the sound, the lush, warm, comforting sound of classic rock coming from those LP's. Since then i have bought and built a turn table, (MCS 6710) and purchased new alternative albums as-well as some classical rock stuff. Anyways getting back to the point, i just bought a pair of AKG k702's and set an Ipod on shuffle for a couple days to burn em in. I bought a Topping D2 Pre Amp. I liked the Topping cause it had a descent amount of DAC which is helpful cause i also listen to CD's. So the point of all this is that i want to get the best sound quality out of my set up and was looking for some amateur tips from some of the more "Pro Music Listeners". I has a Pioneer VSX-823 receiver, and a Bolzak Madisson CLK-PH2 Pre Amp from my turn table (the VSX-823) doesn't have a Phono input.) Anything you guys could recommend to maximize the audio quality would be greatly appreciated. Also any tips or tricks with my equipment would be great too! Other questions: What are you personal experiences with the equipment that i have (AKG K702's, Topping Pre Amp ect.) 


An answer or comment to any of these thing would be great!