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For Sale or Trade: Ultrasone Edition 8

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For Sale or Trade:
Ultrasone Edition 8

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For auction is a used pair of working extremely high sound quality Ultrasone Ed. 8 headphones!  I bought these used a couple years ago practically new, as the previous owner had sold them to me immediately after purchase. I have been maintaining the physical integrity of them ever since.  The sound quality is still perfect, like when the headphones were new, and there are no major scratches.  In the first picture you can see scuff marks on the left ear piece where the metal has been slightly rubbed from placing the headset back in the box after each use.  The glue of the ear pads has started to dry out so that the pads have fallen off - but can easily be glued on again.  The only reason I have not already done so is because I have yet to consult with someone knowledgeable on what type of glue would be appropriate to use on the metal of the ear frames.  Re-gluing the ear pads is part of normal maintenance when owning a pair of high quality headphones. 


Also, it should be noted that there are two invisible cracks bilaterally on the headband section.  These cracks are not visible and do not affect the capacity of the headphones to be worn at all.  I noticed the cracks by chance when I was inspecting them before posting this auction.  They are underneath the headband covering and are only distinguishable when you apply light pressure over the area.  I suspect they are on the shell covering of the actual headband since, as I stated, they do not affect the ability of the headphones to be worn even slightly.  It is impossible to see the actual cracks, but I have included two pictures of the almost undetectable crease marks in the headband pad over which you might feel them if you apply light pressure.  Please look at the pictures at the end to see the creases!

To summarize - I have made available one pair of great working and wearable Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones with the ear pads unglued, very mild scuffing from normal wear and tear, and "invisible" cracks on the headband section.  The sound, appearance, and wearing capacity are still overall in excellent condition and I will be sending them to the winning bidder in the original box with the original accessories (cleaning cloth, extra extension cable, and Ultrasone carrying bag).


The item is located close to Chattanooga, and is available for audition and local pick up for 550$. Would be willing to trade shoot me a pm with suggestions. Thank you


Please feel free to message me with any questions!  

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price drop 600 $

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A hint: try to get final owner's purchase receipt, send them to Ultrasone and they'll make them look like new. I'm telling you this cos I did it myself. :D

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Thank you for this information. Did not know that. I will contact them tmw.

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Would you ship to the UK?
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