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Ok, so, i'm currently saving up for the Momentums which I tried in Richer Sounds and was blown away by. I'm just looking for a pair of cheap IEMs to get in the mean time, like up to 40 pounds (65 dollars, 48 euros, 16 Doubloons) to pair with my SanDisk clip+ (which is purple) any ideas? I currently use Sennheiser CX-150s which I used to like before my dick of a flatmate ruined my life in the best possible way by introducing me to what I was missing out on. So far I've come across the SoundMagic E10s, which are apparently quite good, just looking for opinions. I mostly listen to rock and metal in flac, I sold my IPod for the SanDisk to play flacs.




40 squid IEMS.