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Low Cost DAC

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I'm looking to buy myself a cheap DAC


Since installing Windows 8, my Asus DGX doesn't seem to work anymore. I've tried multiple things and have had no luck... Right now I'm using the output and DAC on my audio technica microphone which seems to be the only thing working and it sounds terrible while cutting everyone 20 or so seconds as well.


Anyways, I'm looking to buy a new DAC, preferably external USB or SPDIF for <$75 (lower the better, in the future I would like to get a proper DAC, so this is somewhat temporary).


If possible, I would like it to include two outputs so I can switch between feeding my desktop speakers or my Object O2 headphone setup, but it's not necessary.


What are some options?

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Hifimediy's offerings are said to be very good and cheap.. Something like one of their sabre usb dacs might be good for you.

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Audioquest dragonfly is on sale everywhere, including amazon for $99 (regularly it's $250). I find that it improves the sound by a lot on a PC, but not so much on a Mac for some reason.


Fiio is also good for a really cheap DAC (or the Hifiman 101)

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