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New IEMs for less than £100 (US$160)

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Hi, i am looking for a new set of IEM's.


What i would like

I mainly listen to drum and bass as well as pretty much every other electronic genre out there.

I am also a music tech student and do some (limited) production at home, this isn't a main priority but i would like something that is workable on that front. I would much prefer a pair of headphones that make music sound amazing and will last than something that is perfectly accurate that cant be used for every day use.

Some examples of music i listen to (Click to show)


So i guess in terms of balance i would like something fairly neutral but with a slight bump in bass and mid range to help get vocals to shine


My budget is under £100, officially the budget is actually £90 ($150) but i have £10 ($16) worth of stretch in it.

I had bought a set of RHA 750i's but they were dead on arrival so i am taking this opportunity to see what other people suggest. The main reason i chose them was the 3 year warranty as i cant really afford to be buying a new pair of IEM's every year. The silicone tips wouldn't stay in my ears but the memory foam (comply rip off's) tips were quite nice.


Previous equipment:

Klipsch image s4a (2)

I loved how these sounded and really enjoyed owning them for the first 3/4 of their lifespan. The fit on the oval tips was really excellent, shame i wont be finding that elsewhere... The problem with these headphones is the cables fail and they are in general prone to breaking even though they were always kept in the carry case and treated well. Had 2 pairs of these over 10 months, both failed.


Current equipment:

For music on the go: Galaxy s2 (cyanogenmod with dsp manager)

   Does the job in terms of music, i know there is better but i always have this with me all the time and i would rather not be carrying many devices.

In my PC: Asus Xonar DX

   Seems to do a very very nice job, love how much better it is than realtek integrated, everything is clearer and in general more awesome.

PC speakers: Logitech z5500 (With the sub set to around 45% volume)

   Really enjoy these, sure they aren't balanced, sure they are overpowered but they make me smile in a big way. I thought they were good before i got a soundcard, now they sound epic!


Thanks for any advice, it is greatly appreciated since IEM's are not an area i can claim to know a lot about.


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You should consider Yamaha EPH-100. You can find a lot of info about them in this forum.

Best Luck!
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You can look into the Jabra Vox as IMO, it fits your needs perfectly but there are slight recessed mids at 1KHz but vocals still shine really well and bass goes pretty loud and deep for your genre http://www.jabra.com/products/mobile_corded/jabra_vox/jabra_vox

Otherwise, you can look into the A-Jays, it's lighter but IMO I find the Jabra fits my ear better than A-Jays. Jabra does not fall of my ears as easy as well smily_headphones1.gif http://www.jays.se/a-jays

Hope it helps,
Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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Currently the IEM's i am looking at are now:

Yamaha EPH 100

RHA MA750i

Jabra vox


Im not sure about the a jays, they are considerably below my budget which makes me think i can get better, the EPH100 also get better reviews. The lack of an in line mic on the Yamaha headphones is a shame but i can deal with that by getting creative with my phones volume buttons (press and hold etc), it should also make it properly compatible with my dedicated audio setup.

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Here's a in depth review on the Jabra Vox here: http://www.ipadclubmalaysia.com/review-jabra-vox-massive-sound-small-ear/

Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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 Here's a in depth review on the Jabra Vox here: http://www.ipadclubmalaysia.com/review-jabra-vox-massive-sound-small-ear/

Billson smily_headphones1.gif

Thank you for the link to the review, found it quite helpful. But the reviewer mentioned that the headphones were very fun and had a lot of bass and sparkle. So i think they may be a bit "too" eq'ed for me and although it wasn't mentioned i am assuming that could lead to them being a bit fatiguing to listen to if the music being listened to has lots of highs. The lack of eartips may also be an issue, since none of the rha tips fitted me apart from the memory foam ones (dual flanged tips were close but still felt like they may slip out). Then again the yamaha only does slightly better by offering s,m,l tips.

Although they probably sound just fine without the jabra app i already enjoy appolo and uber music so im not sure i would want to switch since i know from my speakers that dolby effects aren't quite my thing.

I have to admit, i am a bit of a sucka for metal products and i have had positive experience with Yamaha equipment in the past. Which i know shouldn't influence me but it does :p

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Haha I was actually the one who wrote it xD there's the same copy at Head-Fi too but searching in that website was easier sorry.

I find it very easy to listen to unless you listen at insane volume or the mastering of the records is rather "loudness". As mentioned, I am no bass fan

What's the dimension of the tips that fits your ears? I can measure the eartips of Jabra Vox and let you know if it fits you smily_headphones1.gif

Hope it helps
Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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I can't actually say since i no longer own a pair of IEM's. Its been that way for about 1 month and a half now and i am really missing music while doing work etc.


But i am assuming my ear canals are quite small. The klipsch headphones have a very small sound hole (same as paperclip diameter) meaning the tips could be very small yet rounded. The rha ones had quite a wide sound hole, meaning even the smallest tips were too large since they had a rounded shape (side on to the tip). The Samsung ones that came free with my phone had pretty much the same large sound hole but they were fine because the tips were more cylindrical, the smallest set of them fit me.

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I think the Jabra might fit your ears but let me check mine later on xD they are all no bigger than my Sony XBA-4's eartips (M/green size)
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How do the jabras or a-jays compare to something like the ue700?

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Originally Posted by diofree View Post

How do the jabras or a-jays compare to something like the ue700?

Never heard of UE700 but I personally prefer the Jabras over the A-Jays smily_headphones1.gif the A-Jays just don't sit in my ears nicely but it could either be I am used to giant IEM or the eartips don't fit me since it's my friend's one xD
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After doing more research i think i am probably going to go with the yamaha's. They tend to get better reviews than the jabra's , and a lot of reviewers seem to say the jabra's can sound muddy and the bass can drown out the rest of the track. Since my phones dsp manager has a good eq built in i can always boost bass (aka cut mids and highs) a bit on the yamaha's if need be. and they should still be good since i don't listen at high volumes. I can also buy an in line remote adapter if i find i really need one.


Thank you for the help as i didn't realize that yamaha were in the In ear market so i would likely have not found them.


I will post when i get them which will most likely be 7 days with images and maybe a short opinion on them... (woo for amazon super saver delivery)


Btw, the UE700's are made by Logitech and are part of their ultimate ears collection of headphones. They generally get positive reviews but some people say they aren't very durable.

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Good choice and congrats on your purchase!

Happy listening
Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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The headphones have arrived and i have started using them, from my initial impressions, wow. They are amazing, still waiting to see if they change with burn in like my old klipsch ones. More than 1 pair of ear tips fit me, which was nice, i went with the smallest ones since they isolated best though, but it was close. But i honestly cant hear a thing with these in.

Here are some pics:

Sorry about the quality, these were taken with an aging galaxy s2, i did a photoshop auto fix before uploading just to make them look their best since its 5pm and dark outside so lighting isn't ideal. The darker picture of the headphones is an original just in case anyone wants a refrence.






Just noticed my phones camera seems to be dying (rainbow coloured edges, they were there before photoshop too :/ )

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