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A Plea Form A Hybrid

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:triportsad: This Head-fier is sad


My faith here is dwindling....


And maybe I'm just hanging around the wrong parts of the forum, but I know I am not he only techie AND sound enthusiast/admirer/hopeful here.


Our goal and projected duty here, is to achieve the best possible audio experience where ever possible.


As far as DAPs/PMPs go there was once a time where a certain company would have done justice in releasing and all around wonderful portable media machine. However they have stumbled along and failed me dearly.


With the release of the Z and ZX1, the Cowon D3 and Z2 ,the coming A&K 240 and the Calyx M, among others, I feel the better/perfect/ed/ing Pocket companion is nearing.


We all know how smartphones have next to 0 {zero} concern for audio quality. Even among devices that tout having special DACs for better audio (the LG G2 and Lenovo K900 being freshest in my mind) They didn't exactly break ground among this community now did they.....

Now yes a smartphone as the base is indeed where to start. The best example of such being the ever so popular (among sheeple) iPod touch. However as with every smartphone audio was never the focus for apple. The Wolfson chip being there more as a check item as opposed to carrying any real weight unless you go though some extra trouble after the fact)


I mean (Idealistically {before the misplaced purist come and rip such ideology to shreds to fit their pre-existing beliefs}) Why not take the XPERIA Z1 - remove cell radio - do some extra engineering for the audio circuit - insert the S-Master {or your dac/amp of choice} make it thicker to accomidate for said dac, custom ampstage, and a slightly bigger battery even? (I'm convinced Sony would do such given the Walkman Z was the closest we ever got though gimped to the point of killing any interest. [Plus arguably that was more following through with a deal to use the TEGRA in SOMETHING since it didn't make the cut in other areas])


Q: But that would be $$$$ as all hell


Look at where we are. Is it that far fetched that people would pay top dollar for an all around device that does everything, and does it well> compared to the boutique DAPs with their many issues and shortcomings upon release. considering the A&K 240.........., considering the ZX1 and it's not as exorbitant price, considering in the 240 thread there were indeed credible members who have wrapped their ears around such a device and approved (the other stuff doesn't detract from the audio quality you say? Damn right, they put in the work to ensure that's the case and from what we have so far the old notion is finally proven just that) considering among such players in this game they are not starting to tread into the waters of adding feature we usually see in these everyday devices (A&K and the M 'feature' wifi among other features that usually wouldn't be in a pure audio oriented device.

I plea for the other hybrids among us..... We are here (I think and hope) and it looks like our time is coming closer.






Perhaps this comes off as nothing more then a silly rant but I feel there is a a well enough batch among us that would kill for a dedicated do it all device that does justice in the audio department {from the get-go} as well and the tech has finally reached a point where such is possible. If nothing else I have said my peace I suppose :(

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 ....................Bleh............. I knew this was pointless...... Well here's hoping when I save up a few $$$K I can convince one of these DAP makers to put together something custom, if they don't come close before then.

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