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Replacement for Q-Jays

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a replacement for my Q-Jays, which I have had for several years.


Overall, I have very much enjoyed the jays, especially the sound quality and the sound isolation.


A few things I have not liked:


-Wax filters are a pain and tend to get clogged, obstructing sound

-Cable extender means there is a heavy piece of plastic hanging in the middle of your cord, no good for running with as it bounces around and you can hear this through the earbuds

-Buds tend to slip out of the ear when you are running and get sweaty (maybe i'm just a freak but my ears get a bit sweaty).


Any suggestions for a decent replacement? Oh, I listen almost exclusively to Electronic.

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Would the UE700 be the best option in that price range? Or should i look at some Shure, or Senheiser options?



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