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Hi I am a newbie and I thought the first thing I should do before seeing how good a audiophile quality headphone could sound was to assemble my DAC and headphone amplifier combination or separates. I thought that because I think might be the best place to buy a headphone and I know they let you return items if you don't like them. So maybe I will return or keep a headphone if I get something to drive them first. Incidentally I got on this audiophile kick after following your thread on equalizing headphones to equalize a headset and I've been amazed at how good it sounds.

Well I guess that's a lot of idle talk my main question is I am considering the Aune T1 24Bit 96KHz DAC/AMP to meet both the needs of a DAC and headphone amplifier. But if I do go that way which to do you think is best tube 6DJ8 or 6N11  or 6922 ?

I've been also thinking if I can find a high quality clone kit for building a clone of the Lehmann Black Cube Linear instead I might, if it pleases you, you could also venture opinion as to whether or not going with the Aune T1 24Bit 96KHz DAC/AMP would be a big step down?

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