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Hello, my girlfriend is seeking for a set of headphone.

I'm seeking for her.

Here some information of what she are looking for:



-price range: 70€-120€

-Open / Half open : She hate the fact that she can't hear what's going on around her

-Use for both at home & outside, mostly at home.

-No leather pads.

-Over hear (she would like the pads like the sennheiser hd 598 but well, is there other cans that is comfy, why not)

-She love when bass is punchy.

-She mostly listen Vocaloids as music.

-She wont use an AMP/DAC so we need an headphone who dont need to be drove.




I think she might get the akg k240 MK II OR agk k242 HD


Any ideas ?




Edit: i'm so sorry i just saw that is the wrong section, i am going to post on the good one.

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