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Introduction From Qatar !

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What's up guys ? 


This is my very first post at head-Fi ! I am very happy and excited being a part of this wonderful community. I am originally from Egypt but I was born and raised in Qatar. I'm in my early 30's. Married with a 5 year old boy... (nasty, naughty boy :wink_face: )


I first came across Head-Fi when I was looking for reviews for a bang-for-buck USB AMP/DAC. I hate a lot of products in mind, such as topping TP32, Audio Engine D1, some from Fiio, Yulong U100 and few others. Then I came across Schiit. 


I read some reviews and most of them were nothing away from 100% satisfied owners. I wanted to ask for recommendations from the models that I have mentioned above, but I it's too late now. I already made m decision and bought Schiit Magni / Modi Stack combo . not sure if I got a little hasty here. I feel I should have bought Vali over Magni. 


The AMP is gonig to be paired with UltraSone Pro Logic 550 headphones.


The main reason I started looking for AMP/DAC is that I wanted to get rid of the internal sound card because it ruins the looks of the Rig from inside. 


Here's a quick photo of what the PC looks from inside:


Before sound card:




After Sound card:





As you can see. Not only the sound card is blocking the looks of the back plate, it also have this annoying red LED. So removing the sound card and replacing it with Magni / Modi  stack combo should improve the sound quality significantly plus making it look nice and tidy inside the PC.


I have very high expectations from the Schiit products.


So apart of introducing my self, I wanted to also to ask you guys, Am I going to be blown away with the sound quality from the combo over the sound card ?


Thanks and regards,

Mostafa Hijazi

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Traditional greeting:

Welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet...

IMHO, the most significant change in sound comes from changing the headphone. You can completely change the character of the sound by using a different headphone.

Changing the amp is a much less significant change - although that depends on the headphones. If the headphones are efficient and easy to drive, then changing the amp may have little or no effect on what you hear - other than perhaps making it louder. OTOH, if the headphones are power-hungry cans, they may sound significantly better with an amp that supply what they need.

Changing the DAC (or changing the soundcard) can be, IMHO, an even smaller change. It entirely depends on what soundcard is being replaced. The change might be so small that many (probably most) would not even notice - *if* everything else is kept constant. And that's the confusion - if your sound card does not provide a true line-out signal from the onboard DAC, then it might also be going through the soundcard's cr@ppy amp. So, putting an external DAC on USB sounds significantly better - but you really don't know if that is because of the soundcard's DAC or if it is because you are no longer using the soundcard's lousy line-out signal. In the end, it doesn't really matter - the only thing that matters is whether *you* think it sounds better - and you won't know that until you hear it!!
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Thank you very much for your warm greetings !!!



And thanks a lot for your technical opinion as well ! The sound card I have is Sound Blaster ZX. It's performing good. but as mentioned the main reason I am switching to Schiit AMP/DAC Combo is to remove the sound card from the PC. It is covering the back plate of the graphics card and I don't feel like using the on board audio.


I am expecting same or slightly better performance than the sound card. Package arrived today. a lot of testing will be done today :)

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