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For Sale: RWA iMod 4th Gen 64gb sale pending

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For Sale:
RWA iMod 4th Gen 64gb sale pending

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've this player as backup to my other imod, and it has rarely seen use. It has a clear skin around it for protection purposes, and it works like a champ. Sounds good too. You only get the imod, no cables or cases are included. Free shipping in the states and paypal fee is on me.


Here are the details:


  • Headphone jack converts to analog line-out; Connects to a portable amp or any two channel audio system
  • Jack no longer supports headphone use
  • Line-out signal from iPod dock connector is disabled
  • Apple-supplied USB cables still support charging and music transfer

4G iMod Specifics
Can I plug my headphones into the headphone jack of the 4G iMod?
No! The 1/8″ stereo headphone ouput jack of the 4G iMod is converted to the modded “line-output.” The volume control is no longer in the signal path and the output voltage to too high and the sound will be too loud and not controllable. The modded line-out is designed to drive high impedance loads (e.g., > 5k) such as headphone amplifiers and home audio preamplifiers (which have a volume control). Headphones are low impedance (e.g., typically < 300 ohm) and not designed to be driven by a line-out signal. You MUST connect your 4G iMod to a headphone amplifier (or home audio preamplifier).
Can I use my 4G iMod with my docking station or sound dock from “brand X?”
No – after the 4G iMod, the line-out signal from the dock connector of your 4G iPod is disabled. The modded line-out signal it fed to the 1/8″ stereo output jack (formerly the headphone output).
After the 4G iMod service, can I still use the stock iPod USB cable to recharge the battery in my iMod, and to transfer music files?
Yes. The stock iPod USB cable is totally fine for transferring music from iTunes and charging the iPod battery.
What kind of audio cable do I need for my 4G iMod?
You need a cable that has a 1/8" stereo mini-plug on one end of it. The other end can be a 1/8" stereo mini-plug, or separate left/right RCA plugs (depending on what you are connecting it to).
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