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I purchased the MMX 300 with the Astro Mix-amp and tried to talk on Xbox Live with them but it would only show my mic and not allow me to talk. I then returned them for a new pair a couple days later for other reason, fast forward to now and they still won't allow me talk however I can hear other people talking but sometimes the chat even cuts out and I would only be able to hear once I unplugged the chat cable from my controller. I tried using my old Turtle Beach x42 chat cable (which is the same cable with no success). I checked my voice preferences on my Xbox too. I then plugged them into my computer to try to see if my mic would work but it won't there either, it doesn't even register my mic on the computer. Is their some sort of mic mute on the headphone some where? I'm almost completely sure its the headphones and not the mix-amp but I could be wrong . I really want to play and talk to my friends.


All advice is welcomed