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Introduction from Pennsylvania

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Hello everyone,


I just signed up with head fi, first post. Currently live in Willow Grove, PA. I've been browsing around for quite some time now and learned a little bit about headphones, and now I am venturing into the amps portion of it. I hope to go to a couple of meets so that I can listen to a wide variety of gear and fully experience some amazing sound quality.


I saw someone here at work was using a Fiio e7 and it sparked my research again.



I came on looking at reviews of the Fiio x3, then found the x5 and now I am distraught haha (gotta love technology)


Thanks to this place I have refrained from big name brands that everyone uses (Beats, Bose) and went to the good quality headphones (in my opinion), headphones I would have never known about.


I mainly listen to electronic music. I've been dipping in to the dubstep scene (diplo, Zeds dead, etc).


I love classic music as well as opera music by Andrea Bocelli.


I guess you could say that I have a wide variety of music I like, from Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, to Armin van Buuren, Kaskade, Diplo, to Andrea Bocelli, and many more.



Now, more research on the x3 and x5 and finding out which one to get.



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Hey, welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet! I live in PA too fellow Pennsylvanian!
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Ah where are you at? I'm in Willow Grove, are you near?

I'm looking for a place that has a large selection of headphones and gear I can look at and listen to. The only place I know of is Robs World Wide Stereo, but every time I set foot in that place I want to buy that GIANT 70 inch TV
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Another Pennsylvanian here... From Scranton, originally a new York native. Been into the headphone scene for a while. Just tampering into the speaker realm and now parting away with most of my gear.

+1 on feeling sorry for your wallet
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I can actually afford to mess around with this stuff finally, got a massive pay increase, but I know I will feel the burn any day now haha
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Live in Philly. I went to WWS. They only had beats, B&W P5, PSB M4U 2, and the Grado RS1. That was a while ago though. Theres a store on 7th and south street that has the M50, SR60i, SR225i, PS500, ES FC300. I'm trying to get to David Lewis Audio soon.
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I'll check them out, thanks.

Last time I went to WWS they reduced their headphones to almost IEMs only, which I don't like
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