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For Sale: Denon AH-D7000

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For Sale:
Denon AH-D7000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I decided to see if I could sell my AH-D7000. I’ve had some use out of them….probably about 30-40 hours total, but I decided that want to get away from U-shaped frequency response headphones. There are no signs at all of use.


These are the 2010 model (I understand there was a slight revision later). They were bought brand new and I am the first owner. It comes with the original box (but I'm missing the clear sleeve that slid over the box)


These are MINT. They’ve never left my computer room, and they are literally like-new condition. They have never been opened/dismantled, modded or dropped.


Price is $xxx+shipping. I will sell to any place where I can ship with Delivery Confirmation


I don’t have any interest in lowering the price at this moment. I will be open to lowering this price in a month if this ad doesn’t get any traction (or if I change my mind), and will bump my ad when there is a price drop. 


I can provide more pictures but at the time, I only have this cover shot (stand is not included)



I have had a few people contact me about shipping to Europe. I don’t mind shipping anywhere, but I found out that it’s extremely expensive to do so in some cases.


The box I would ship the headphones would be approx. 11x14x9 and weight about 5+ lbs, and using the cheapest “confirmed delivery” service was well over $100 using Canadapost.ca.  It can go by ground mail for $70-80 but then it’s not confirmed delivery and we would lose protection from Paypal. 


Shipping to the US should be around $35 or thereabouts. I will give a more exact shipping quote once I receive firm interest.


My feedback is old, see sig...but spotless.

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$700 is a very fair price.  Many sell for higher.  I'd wait it out.  Great headphone.



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If you find the box I may take these from you. Have you been able to locate it?

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Hi lljayll


I went to look for it and I still can't find it.


Just to be clear, the part of the box that I am missing is the clear open ended sleeve that slides off the rigid box.


If you look at the unboxing video, you'll see the sleeve part I am missing


Here's a current picture of what I'd be shipping (+ the manual/wiping cloth and one cardbox insert which holds the cables inside the box)


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I'll take them :)

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