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GR07 Toss Up.

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Lend Me Ur Ears has the Bass Edition for about $30 less than I've seen the MK2 listed elsewhere.

I feel like I would be more in line to get the MKII, since I more enjoy the clarity and can just DAC for bass.

Does anyone think the deal is worth it, am I not losing a ton of clarity and treble height?

I listen to mostly Indie, Indie Rock, Alt. Rock, Punk, some Metal, Electronic, and Dubstep.

Obviously, the GR07 is a versatile IEM all on it's own, but this decision is holding me back from the final trigger pull.
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You might want to read this as well...

Should be the cheapest and have a choice of color which is nice. One comparison, IIRC, with the MKII as well. Not any real consensus though since it is pretty early and few have given input but worth reading to see if it might be the one you want to get.

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I'm not looking for cheap, which it seemed the Colored edition is of actual different quality.

I just know that the MKII and BE are very comparable.

I'll probably place an order for the MKII in the morning.
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