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Hey, everyone. I'm a little new to this site and might have made a well known mistake ordering from MP4 Nation. But I wanted to highlight an issue to save you all my pain.

I recently tried to order a pair of DN1000 which were apparently 'in stock' but showed as 'pre-order' once my money had been taken (they still say in stock on the site despite this not being the case). I searched the forums and found that this was a familiar tactic. Obviously, I didn't want to wait forever for a delivery from Hong Kong. After numerous emails trying to cancel the order they finally got in touch and approved my refund - minus a £45 adjustment fee. So I basically paid almost half the value of the headphones for cancelling.

Buyers beware.



UPDATE: MP4nation have informed me that they will honour a full refund. I will let you know how it turns out.

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