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Best on-ear basshead phones! Which 2 get? HipHop/RAP BASS LOVER!!

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Hey guys!
I listen to rap/hip-hop and alot of other genres but i really love the bass so help me out!

I am looking for a good overhead gym headphone that has good quality sound with bass!
I know beats are really bashed on these forums, and am looking for a good alternative, (yes i know literally every headphone can be substituted for beats that is why i am here :D) I have researched and found a few suggestions & have come down with a few options;

-Audio technica ath-ws55
-Noontec me3114-b zoro pro
-Onkyo es-fc300
-Jvc victor-headband
-Ue 4000s
-Ultrasone hfi-780
-Aiaiai tma-1

Help me decide and also recommend me something better that beats any of the above from the list!
Thanks !

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I don't know where you got those recommendation, but most of those (with the exception of the TMA-1) headphones barely qualify as basshead phones, and the one that does is entry level at best or are too laid back for the gym. If you want something with hard hitting bass that will get you pumped up at the gym you should look into the Pioneer HDJ500 or HDJ1500. The Yamaha PRO300 is another good choice if you want something a little more balanced and it's on sale right now at Amazon for $99.

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Hell yeah RoMee!
Thank you so much for the response and helping out with my options
I am going to be looking into the pioneer HDJ500 or HDJ1500 & pro300.

Out of those three + The german maestro GMP 8.35 D +TMA-1, which is overall the best?

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 I don't know where you got those recommendation, but most of those (with the exception of the TMA-1)

Those are not Bass cans ...the TMA. I just heard em. Heard the Yamaha 300 series too and they are Beat clones. I mean in build and sound. They are 1/3 the price though so there's that.


The Onkyo ES HF300's....THOSE are sweeeeeet.


The ATH Ws 55's Those hammer.


The TMA distort with amping under 50Hz and that's a problem for bass cans.


Ultrasone Pro 900 hit harder than anything I have heard and they cost 500bucks but they will rip your ears with sonic clarity in the sub 60Hz zone.


What kind of Hip Hop? 

Lil Wayne - A Milli (type) Long extended throws into 60, 50 40,30,20Hz?..The TMA and Pioneer and Yamaha 3,400 series will distort if you amp them. The 500 series will not.


JVC 57mm will not distort down there, The Ws 55's will not distort down there the Onkyo HF 300's will not distort down there. The Ultrasone's are GOD cans. 


I just listened to ALL these over the past 4 weeks. The OP should go listen and not listen to me or anyone else. If this site is to be believed then the V-moda 100's and the Beats Pro/Studios are completely different and they are not. V moda has a tighter bass but will distort and they cost about 300 bucks? On what planet can a Hip Hop producer get rag dolled for over charging and an owner who's a self described fashionista that over charges too does not.....unless the build quality is your main sell point? I take care of my cans so i'm not paying for better build I'm paying for better sound and drivers and V moda are way way way over rated....just like the Beats were. which puts them right next to Beats. If you'll pay 300 then save an extra week and get the Ultrasone and hear bass that makes Beats and V moda sound like the crap Apple ships with ipods.



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Hawaiibadboy Hell yeah thank heaps man! Best response

I am mostly leaning towards the onkyo what do you think?

As of now these are my options that i had listed; give me a opinion if i should go for onkyos 
onkyo es-fc300
ath ws99
the monster dna
aiaiai tma-1
pioneer hdj500
pioneer hd1500
pioneer 2000
yamaha pro300
the german maestro gmp 8.35d

I don't think i will be spending 300 for another pair as i just bought the ath pro700mk2! just something more versatile for outside  use

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I haven't heard the Monster Dna. I coulda but I was wearing beats at the time and had just realized I was gettin played. I was feeling butt hurt so...I dunno bout those?


Ultrasone HFI-580:L3000: 50mm ....ima fan of Ultrasone. They can be had for around 150? 

Gmp 8.35d ...:confused:....one of the few cans I didn't get to hear..I have no opinion (anyone care to pipe in with driver type and size)

Onkyo es fc300   :)(one of the more underrated/known set of good low freq reproducing cans..I dunno why)

Pioneer hd1500   :)are studio monitor type. They have 50mm driver and took my fiio and my only gripe was fit. I didn't like the sound? Personal pref. 

ATH ws99..:L3000: These got 53mm drivers and look plain and were on the bottom rack here in Japan but they shine in the low end. I think they are ugly but I was drawn back to them repeatedly because the Bass sounded better than the Sony MDR series of similar price.


The Yamaha.... If you listened to the Beats  Executive then the Studios...you'd maybe save a bit to just get the Exec's/Pro's The Yamaha 300 series is like that. After hearing the 500 series I just wouldn't feel good with the 300's. I'd save a bit and get the 4's or 5's


We are mixing over and on ear cans. The Onkyo are large but actually on ear. They sound superb. Very very nice low end. Amazing for the price. My JVC's are my Bass impact cans and I tried and ordered the Ultrasone HFI 580 because they too have great amped bass and their lineage is Ultrasone. I canceled getting the Onkyo ONLY because they are not over ear. No other reason except that and wanting to delve into Ultrasone.


Good luck bru. Nothing beats a sound check with your own ears...nothing. If you have a portable amp bring it and use it as it makes a big difference in lifting the low lows.

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I would consider the Meelectronics Atlas as well. Definitely very bassy. 

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