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My Asus Xonar Essence STX soundcard seems to be back in order for the moment.  I'm giddily awaiting the arrival of a new set of MrSpeakers Mad Dog headphones to replace my trusty SRH440s.


I lament the rather high background noise of the Xonar (maybe just my PC's overzealous cooling fans?) however.  To rectify that as well as to add an additional, if modest upgrade to my overall rig, I'm considering a purchase of a relatively inexpensive headphone amp to run from the Xonar's RCA line-outs.


Which is more recommendable -- the Schiit Magni, the Ifi iCan, or perhaps some other unit (below $300)?



For some extra notes, the Ifi iCan's Class A output and (comparatively) better SNR highly interest me.  The Crossfeed feature is interesting, also.



I'd like to purchase a Schiit Uber BiFrost DAC some time afterwards, also.  Will either of the aforementioned amps match up nicely to that in the future?



EDIT: the only real reason I'm not considering the Schiit Asgard 2 is for power consumption reasons.



Thanks in advance.

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