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For Trade: Wadia 121 Decoding Computer (Canada)

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For Trade:
Wadia 121 Decoding Computer (Canada)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

It's a little black box that makes the mystical 0's and 1's into music. Rather than talk about it, I'll just save you the googling effort and provide some links to review:


Condition is 8.948/10 due to some scuffs on the top which I could barely photograph. I have the original box, power supply, the remote is in a germ-free ziploc bag, and the original usb key with drivers. It never came with a manual, but I printed out the one from the website.


As a standalone unit it's great, but it doesn't mesh as well with the other components in my system so I'd like to trade it for something else and continue playing this silly game of acquiring new toys and telling myself that maybe the next one will be my last (when really I can't even type that with a straight face).


Primarily looking for another dac with balanced outputs, with cash either way as negotiated (I'm not really looking to spend more money, though I'll happily throw in headphones to make up the difference).


I'm open to trading for other stuff (amps, headphones, laptop, bookshelf speakers? etc (I'd love a KEF LS50)) or selling outright. Shoot me offers.


p.s. I am located in Canada


edit: so I'm looking through my folders and I took pictures of the internals but forgot to do an external shot. Whoops. Anyhow you can take a look here:

edit2: added a front pic now

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