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audio technica and jvc fanboy here, i joined the team....
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Oh okay. I never listened to JVC headphones or IEM's before (except for the cheap earbuds haha). I was contemplating on purchasing the JVC Victor HP-DX1000's some time ago but I didn't. From reading reviews here, it seems like the victor line of earphones and full-sized headphones share a common "house-sound"? Anyways, it should be interesting when I finally get to hear them tomorrow :)

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i spent a lot of weekends at ultra-nightclubs in NYC before moving to Dallas... i gotta tell you, man those speakers are ultra expensive and high end...hard hitting and all...

The JVC SZ2000 and FX850 brings that experience to my bedroom smily_headphones1.gif
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Yeah, the darn AT-ESW9A's are what got me started on this journey LOL :)

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i use the FiiO E12 Mont Blanc with my SZ2000, and i turn the bass boost ON!!!!

its incredible!!!!
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iPhone 5S as my source
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^^kudos to headfier gikigill for recommending the E12 with the SZ2000!!!
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the isolation is the only issue with these headphones...

I work in a really Quiet office in a cubicle.... but all employees have the privelege to listen to headphones while working!!

So the guy next to me doesn't wear headphones... I BLAST MY FX850 all day!!!

I wonder if he would say anything if i did the same with the SZ2000, haha!!

I have yet to try....
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So fx850 is more like a dj iem?
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Im not sure what you mean by dj iem.... but its like your Triple Fi 10, but different.
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The FX650 is the lightning deal on Amazon Japan right now.  Nineteen hours left.  11,000 yen.

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Originally Posted by kameenadesi View Post

Im not sure what you mean by dj iem.... but its like your Triple Fi 10, but different.


I don't know, I had an impression that FX850 was neutral (better than UE900 in term of clarity, soundstage, etc) until I read someone experienced the club speakers/sound in FX850. When I go clubbing it's all about the muddy bass boom boom.

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sorry if i offended anyone with that last statement.... the FX850 is on a COMPLETELY different level of refinement, timbre, and bass quality compared to the Triple Fi 10
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there is no muddy boom boom, its CLEAN boom boom :P
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^referring to FX850's boom boom.... its pure quality deep bass, no muddiness.
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