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JVC HA-FX850 iem. Woody

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Just came across this on Looks like a new woody from JVC. Wondering if they are updating the fx700 to this. There was an option for a 750 model for slightly cheaper as well. Sadly i won't be getting a set of these any time soon, but if anyone else does i'd love to hear about them.



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Found another link to the JVC website. Looks like removable cables as well

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They have the 650 and 750, as well as the 850 already on ebay


550 shipped for 850


400 for 750 and 275 or so for the 650... only the 850 has detachable cables


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$550 is getting up there price wise. Thought i saw a release date as the end of February for these. I wonder if they are actually available.

The backs dont look like they are vented as the 700's either. Looking forward to some reviews.
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I think they are vented, just not as obvious with the mesh like the 700. But based on the auctions - they are available now.

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They just re-released the FX700 as the FX800, so I'd expect there to be some differences.

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Originally Posted by Ivabign View Post

They have the 650 and 750, as well as the 850 already on ebay


Dammit, couldn't resist ordering the FX850... :mad:  (thing is, the FX700 are still among my favorite IEMs.)


Going by driver size, FX650 seem to be successors to the FX500 (8.5mm), FX750 to the FX700 (10mm), but FX850 feature a new 11mm driver.


Oh, and JVC finally got the cable length right. ;) 

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Hope they don`t have connectivity issues as they have the same connector as the ue900 and se535, downwards fit too so custom cables won`t be compatible due to memory wire, highly enjoy my FX800`s, can`t wait to hear impressions, but personally I think they look pretty unergonomic and unappealing.

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Oh, I always wear my FX700 over the ears. What makes you think you can't do the same with the FX850?

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Please give us a bit of a review when your 850's arrive.

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The 700 has come down in price - I see as low as $238 shipped - I might go that direction..... This is an example of companies coming out with new flagships and their old ones becoming more affordable. If I buy the 700's - and never listen to the 850's - how can I lose? 


Then of course, wait until the end of 2015 and get a pair of 850's under $300....

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So what are all the differences between the models? Driver size, cable. What else.

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The best improvement JVC could make would probably be increasing isolation without affecting their signature open sound if that`s even possible, these seem to have a smaller, more intricate vent at the rear, I`m hoping they`ve made some nice advancements on that front.

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