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Universal In-ear monitors for Rock/Post-Punk/Easy Listening

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Hello Head-fierers


Enjoy reading the forums, super helpful and knowledgable!


On to my quest for Heaven - Utopia - Paradise - Nirvana - Org@sm - Inside my Ears so that I can forget about the world outside - 


Can anybody help me?


I'm new to this and don't understand the jargon very much. 


Genre : Rock/Post-Punk/Easy Listening/Alternative


I currently have the Bose QuietComfort 20i which I use everyday with my iPhone 5 - only 2 minor complaints are the fit and the sound which could be better imho but being active noise-cancelling I guess the sound will suffer a little bit.


Previous heaphones - Shure SE 215 Limited Edition Blue which were fantastic except for the sound which could be little better (maybe something to do with it having Enhanced Bass and Dynamic driver perhaps made it sound less clear in my view)


Noble Audio 3 universal - good but no bass and way too much treble in my view


Anyways - here's my priority :


Sound clarity       (with a decent amount of bass,not like those Beats though I hate them, I like a clear,crisp sound with bass at the right places)

Fit                      (Shure 215 in ears had really good fit,anything that can top this would be awesome)

Noise isolation/cancelling ( I pretty much am surrounded by noises - trains,office,etc etc much like anyone else and would love to eliminate them)

I've always prefered in-ears because of their small size so would continue with them


Those are some of my requirements and was wondering what would be an excellent model to upgrade to next? The Bose QC 20's are good for majority of the noise cancelling however I would like something that does beautiful sound + great fit.


Any suggestions please?

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Is there any specific price range? I have a few suggestions in mind that you may like.

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at $100 i would recommend the hifiman re400 as it is the strongest sound-wise at that price.

I don't quite know if they have good/great noise isolation


At a little less than $200 I would reccomend the v-sonic gr07 as they are a superior pair

of in-ear headphones at that price range and they have terrific sound. I have read that they

offer good isolation too. The only downfall is that They "need" more than 100 hours of burn in time.

I am sure they sound great out of the box though. Also, they are told to be "bright" or "bass light"

so if you want more bass, they even have a bass edition!

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Thank you very much nimbostruck14, haha love the profile pic.


I dont have a price range but perhaps between $100 - $600 max is fine.


To be honest, I'm tired of never finding a pair that meets the requirements and happy to spend a bit more if it solves the problem.


Have been looking at Shure 535's as my previous 215's were awesome with minor issues only so always wonder how good 535's would be considering their much higher price point.

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Also, can someone please help explain what 'flat precise response' is? I keep hearing this 'flat' term but really don't know how to think of it?

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"Flat" means that the frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 KHz is as close to the input signal as possible. The bass, midrange & treble are neither boosted nor depressed. In reality, there is no such thing as a perfectly "flat" headphone. This is about as good as it gets:

But, compared to this... rolleyes.gif

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If you are planning to shell out as much as $600, I would recommend something else than the shure 535's. I would look at the earsonics sm3, sm64, hifiman re600, heir audio 4.Ai, sony ex1000, westone um3x and 4r, in ear stage driver 3 (sd-3). There are also a lot of other choices at that range and all in between that are fantastic
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Thanks Nimbostruck14


Also, can you recommend some that will get a good resale value if I was to sell them 1 year down the line? Same price bracket

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Resale value is pretty hard to predict, but I would think any of the audiophile brands would sell fairly easily here on head-fi. OTOH, if you are looking to sell on ebay or Craig's List, then you might be better off with a brand that is more recognizable by the unwashed masses.
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I've been doing some research and wanted some honest opinion on these -


Shure 535


Westone 2/3/4 - which is the most comfortable?


Ety ER-4PT


Klipsch image x10i


Hifiman RE-400


I'm going to be using it with an iphone 5 and unable to test them out so would like something I won't regret later on.Anything else?


Sound and comfort-wise which in your opinion are best?


Can someone who has actually used any of them give their opinion?

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The shures Are very mid centric and aren't the best on bass notes but, are nice and clear on highs.

I don't know much on the comfort of any of the westones other than the westone 3 which are very good and isolate very well

The image x10i i don't know much of... Sorry

The hifiman re-400 are warm but still balanced (in a way) not too bassy and has good sound across the spectrum, just not "exceptional" in certain areas.. It's an all-rounder
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So about the Westone 3, is the physical size small enough to stay flush or do they stick out like Triple fi 10's? Do you know if Westone 4R are the same size or are they bigger? any comment on durability/build quality of westones?


Since they are much cheaper than W4R would you suggest to buy the W3 or should I go ahead and get the latest w4r?

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I suggest the Vsonic GR07BE. Just check out its reviews. It has very good lows, mids and highs and are suitable for all music genres.

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I am considering those as well, however not sure about the build quality, i've also read about them having sibilance issues.


Any comments on RHA MA750i? They seem to fit my requirements quite well. 

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The GR07's are built like a tank and is of high quality and they have no sibilance at all. They are very comfortable too. Where did you hear this? I don't know if the GR07mk1 were sibilant though. The MA750i is also well rated here but I haven't tried them.

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