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Back to the drawing board

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So I finally purchased my first set of headphones. I started with the SOL Republic HD's, then The Master Tracks, then the Denon AH-D340, before finally going with the Monster Inspiration's ANC. Sound wise I really like them. The highs are clear and bright, the mids could be a little more pronounced, and the bass is nice and tight without be to overbearing.


However, after more and more listening time, I found that they are not comfortable at all. After about an hour my ears start to kill me. They are no where near as comfortable as I need them to be. 


Looks wise, I love them. I am wanting a set of headphones that are as nice to look at, as they sound. 


I mainly listen to Indie Rock (Vampire Weekend, Airborne Toxic Event, Death Cab, Matt & Kim and Two Door Cinema Club) and Folk (Avett Bros, Mumford & Sons and The Decemberists). But I also listen to 90's Alt Rock, Acoustic, 80's, Classic Rock and especially Muse. I will only be listening to them on my mac and iphone.


Does anyone have any suggestions that could help me? I prefer to be able to test out and purchase locally so that if/when I exchange them it is a lot quicker and easier.

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Sony MDR 1R are one of the most comfortable headphones on the market at the moment. Theyre around 200 dollars. Do you have a budget?

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I'd like to keep it around $250. I gave them a listen at the store, and I was't t impressed. But they were really comfortable.

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theyre definitely not as engaging as a headphone as i would hope for them to be but theyre sonically quite good.


I would consider AKG tiesto k267 but there's really no way to try it. Honestly the amount of really good headphones you can try is pretty limited...


bowers and wilkins P5 are quite fun headphones to listen to and very comfy. You could consider those as well.

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That's the problem I'm running into. I just hate buying something with out test driving first.
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How comfortable are the p5's? How good are they at blocking outside noise? I'm partial to over ear.
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The p5 are one of the most comfortable on ear you can buy. Isolation is decent but not anythig impressive
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So between the MDR's and the P5's which one has the better SQ? Since I'm having issues with comfort, I'll start there and then look at SQ.

I saw that people mod the MDR's with dynamat how do they compare to the P5's after the mod?
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MDR is better sonically, but i find the P5 a more enjoyable can. MDR 1R can be a bit flat and sterile sounding.


I dont have any experience with the dynamat mods. Sorry =(

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No worries, I appreciate all the help. I'll try those out next I guess.
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