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Audioengine p4 vs A5+

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This is my first post so I have to apologize for beeing relatively new to the audio world.

I have looked throught he forums but I couldn't find anything that really helped me. 



At the moment I'm using a Laptop -> Audioengine D1 -> Denon PM 860 Amp -> 2* Canton Plus XL passive speakers and a Phillips Fidelio X1

I'm also using a Denon DCD CD- player hooked up to my PMA 860. 


Now that I want to replace my Canton Plus XL speakers I have found two (+1)options: Buying Audioengine A5+ and hooking it up to my D1 or buying the P4 and hooking them up to my PMA 860 amp. Another Option would be to replace my D1 to FiiO E9/E7 combination


I'm mostly listening to CDs and 128- 192 kb/s mp3s.


Help for deciding between those options would be appreciated. 





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The Denon PM 860 is a very good amp. Assuming the electronics in it are still good (no leaky capacitors), I would choose it any day over the electronics in the Audioengine A5+. Does it still sound good with your Cantons?

I would suggest shopping around for speakers. Audioengine P4s are what Audioengine fans buy and people that are not familiar with the best deals on passive speakers in that price range. For less than what the A5+ cost, you could get some kickass passive speakers. I recommend looking into the Arx A1b and Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 SEs. These are Internet direct speakers that provide a better value than most brick and mortar store speaker companies (they don't have to work in the retailer's cut). I've also heard excellent things about the Boston E60s from someone I know, but I don't have direct experience with them.
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Thanks! I'll look into those speakers. Cantons still sound fine btw.

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