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Best on-ear basshead phones! Which 2 get? HipHop/RAP BASS LOVER!!

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Hey guys!
I listen to rap/hip-hop and alot of other genres but i really love the bass so help me out!

I am looking for a good overhead gym headphone that has good quality sound with bass!
I know beats are really bashed on these forums, and am looking for a good alternative, (yes i know literally every headphone can be substituted for beats that is why i am here :D) I have researched and found a few suggestions & have come down with a few options;

-Audio technica ath-ws55
-Noontec me3114-b zoro pro
-Onkyo es-fc300
-Jvc victor-headband
-Ue 4000s
-Ultrasone hfi-780
-Aiaiai tma-1

Help me decide and also recommend me something better that beats any of the above from the list!
Thanks !

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I love wearing headphones at the gym and have bought a dedicated pair just for that. Do you really want to have big over-ear headphones that you're going to be sweating into and all over? If you change your mind at all about your form factor requirements, take a look at the first two products listed in the Exercise Headphone Buying Guide - they have the basscentric sound signature you are looking for. http://www.head-fi.org/a/2013-head-fi-summer-buying-guide-exercise-headphones


The benefit of this is that not only do you get your water-resistant headphones that you can sweat all over and which will not get in your way as much while working out, but they're reasonably priced enough that you could still save up for your beats (or whatever) to use everywhere else but the gym.


I can't help you much with beats-beating basshead portable headphones, but Tyll at innerfidelity raves about the V-Moda m100s http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/bassheads-delight-v-moda-crossfade-m-100

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Hey audioops
Thanks for that! i already have a pair of senheiser cx175 which are awesome in ear headphones! And i recently have just pruchased Audio technica pro700mk2's, I was looking at overhead headphones, on ear style headphones similar to beats solo  which are perfect for the gym!


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You might get some ideas here http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/innerfidelitys-wall-fame-ear-pad-sealed


If I were you I would start a new thread in the help and recommendation section (http://www.head-fi.org/f/7840/introductions-help-and-recommendations) and instead of talking about the gym call your thread something like "Best on-ear basshead phones for $200" or "Best rap/hiphop on-ears for $x".

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Bose mie2i are great for the gym. They WILL NOT fall out.
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V-MODA M100s...best basshead cans I've found.  Perfect for the gym.  Low profile so they don't stick out too far.  I also kinda like the new Beats Studios...they've improved them quite a bit.  Both will cost you ~300 tho.

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Thanks audioops! I have changed the title no need for a new thread :)

ProblemChild - If you hadn't already read i am looking at on ear headphones!


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You could look into gmp 8.35d my first headphones i own which have solid bass,

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