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Originally Posted by jarrett View Post

Too bad penonaudio is unable to accept pre-sale orders. Their product page for the 2.1 penonaudio.com/Earphones/In-ear-earphone/Xiaomi-Piston-IF-Commemorative-Edition will not allow me to continue with checkout. I didn't hear back from penonaudio regarding the pre-sale, so I moved on to another seller :P


I bought mine from twister6's amazon page

hmm i just ordered a pair from there (penonaudio)

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Originally Posted by krist2an View Post

But aren't the Sony hybrid tips too small for the Pistons? Do they fit?

Like more things in live, they stretch.

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I have to admit this earphone is really bang for bucks! The soundstage is freaking wide! The bass is a lil bit heavy tho, im not a basshead ><

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At US$20-25 including delivery, I really doubt if we can find better bang for bucks
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Where do you buy these earphones . Give me the link

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Originally Posted by syphen606 View Post

Yeah, I just got a set of the brown updated ones. Gotta say, for $20 something dollars, I was skeptical but they trump my SE-215, RE-262, ATH-CKM500 and are almost on par sonically with my Turbine Pro Copper. (edit, a little less bass and sub bass then the MTPC, with a bit more pronounced mids)

They remind me most of the Turbine Pro but the bass is a little recessed and the mids a little more pronounced. But man, for the price? To even be making these comparisons?

I found the stock ear tips a little too soft and has sealing issues. Used a spare set of Audio Technica medium Black silicone tips and they work great for me.

Packaging was great and the winder was a nice feature that I didn't need at this price point, but it's there.

Overall, a big winner for me.

Where you get it for 20$ .. Please give me the link

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penonaudio have them

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If you find it for $20 - those are fake. Typically they should cost about $25. You can check amazon link I posted (zhengnan shop) or penonaudio. Others could be fake.
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Depends on when you bought them. I got mine for $19 from Ibuygou in December, before the hype pushed the prices upwards. Seems like $25-29 is the normal price now.
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Peter, yours was v2. The new updated v2.1 for anything under $24 is fake. At least shipped to US it would be fake because original cost about $19 in China.
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hello, i want to order pistons, i found these at ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161236611639?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

the seller seems nice, but they are to cheap to be good??

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Originally Posted by hitler48 View Post

They are undoubtedly fake

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Good point twister6 smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by hitler48 View Post

Can anyone suggest xiaomi pistons over soundmagic e10 for good bass clear sound.

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Pistons 2.1 have a bit deeper bass, with more sub-bass extension which also gets emphasized by a slightly recessed mids, and overall sound is warmer.  E10 has a little less sub-bass though mid-bass is punchier and faster, and mids are more clear and balanced; it also sounds a little bit brighter.  It's a tough choice because E10 has an advantage in sound at a cost of extra $10 (which includes a nice dual mesh pocket hard case), while Pistons 2.1 have a much cooler design and in-line remote/mic with full android controls (including volume up/down) for $10 less.  I think a big deciding factor should be if you are planning to use it with a smartphone (Pistons works with iPhone as well, except for volume controls) or not.

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I hear a lot of back and forth about these things being compared to the 150 dollar and over iems, but let's talk about something that has legitimacy. How do these buds compare to other bang for the budget iems like the monoprice 8830, the sony mh1c, the soundmagic e30, the jvc ha-fx40, the meelectronics a151 or 161? If someone could comment on this we can get a clearer picture of what they are like, rather than trying to prove what they aren't.
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