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For Sale or Trade: Harmony Design EAR909 (110v)

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For Sale or Trade:
Harmony Design EAR909 (110v)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Wrong Forum, thread closed.



Selling my Harmony Design EAR909 (110v).

More pictures will be added soon.

The EAR909 is an excellent and very beautiful amp but very underrated on Head-Fi, probably due to the lack of information and marketing here. This amp is made in Sweden.

It is definitely a high end amp and I much preferred it over the Liquid Fire, and it is on par (if not better than) the EAR HP4 that I had.
I found this amp match the LCDs especially well, both sonically and cosmetically. However it can also drive all other headphone as well such as TH900, HD800, T1 and Abyss.


It has one 6.3mm, one 4pin XLR, and a dual 3 pin XLR headphone output.


More information about the amp can be found here.


The one I am selling is the more expensive version with the higher end Japanese Seiden Attenuator and 3 level gain control.
I bought it for this is amp is $24,400 HKD in 2011 (3147 USD), I have the receipt, manual and original packaging.

Headphones and cables in pictures are not included.


Excellent condition, 9/10.


This amp is the reason I am keeping my LCD-3, because they sound so good together. I can sell the LCD-3 in combo with the 909.


I am also interested in trade, for DACs/Headphone with equal or lower value + cash. For trades I will prefer local (Bay Area) or head-fier with very good trader feedback. I can bring this to the Bay Area Head-fi meet on Feb 16.


I can ship worldwide, but you need a step down transformer if your country uses 220v.


Price includes PayPal fee but not shipping.


Please PM if you have any questions.

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